Crooked Eye Tommy plays Woodystock - Oct 7th

Crooked Eye Tommy plays Woodystock – Oct 7th

Saturday, October 7 at 1 PM
In the desert hills between Apple Valley and Lucerne Valley California

Once a year, Woodystock Blues Rock Festival comes around. The 1st weekend of October is the perfect time as the Mojave Desert cools down from summer. This is our 5th year and it continues to grow bigger every year.
Bring an RV or tent and spend the night. Woodystock is spectacular under the desert stars and planets.
With an ultimate light show, there is no city light pollution. Quite often you can see shooting stars too!
It is 6 miles of dirt road, though, easily traveled by car, Motorhomes and trailers have no problem coming out. However, if you own a Corvette or Trans Am, you’ll want to leave those cars at home.
1. Billy D and the HooDoos from Portland Oregon
2. Brigette Rios-Purdy
3. Southern Spirit
4. The Papermoon Gypsy’s
5. The Reverend Smack Jonez
6. Delta Shade
7. Crooked Eye Tommy
8. Stone Stanley
9. Babylon Steele
10. Johnny Jukebox

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